Remove wait times from any phone line with AI assisted calling. One link added to your contact information and your wait times turn to ZERO.

Real-time engagement
Improved conversion rates

Harvard Business Review research

Indicates that customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience.

Tested with 1000s of companies

We've tested HOLDX for thousands of companies removing the wait time while providing invaluable insight into call success or failure.

<span>Tested with 1000s of companies</span>

Capture transcripts and consumer sentiment for each call.

With our PRO version, access a detailed dashboard featuring each transcript and an analysis of success or failure.

<span>Capture transcripts and consumer sentiment  for each call.</span>

Engage the Consumer before you answer the phone.

HOLDX can automatically send pre-call text messages while your customer wait for their call back with your promotions, critical product information to enhance the customer call experience, retention and loyalty. It also allows you to message customers with any information you wish had been shared during the live call after the call.

BONUS: Extend your operating hours to capture after-hours sales opportunities. Consumers can request a call-back after hours, and HOLDX will connect them with you once you're available.

<span>Engage the Consumer before you answer the phone.</span>

"The simplest most cost effective solution to fixing hold times I've seen. Truly is amazing how AI is changing everything around us, even how a phone works."

Vincent Garcia

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AI is disrupting every aspect of how businesses operate, HOLDX is a natural evolution as AI changes the rules for customer engagement.